SJOERD is the 2011 United States Equestrian Federation Horse Of The Year


SJOERD is the 2013 EQUUS/USEF Inaugural Inductee Into The Horse Stars Hall Of Fame


Three Day Ranch has been Awarded:


2013, 2014 & 2015  United States Equestrian Federation #1 Leading Owner


2010, 2011 & 2012  United States Equestrian Federation #2 Leading Owner


2015  United States Equestrian Federation #1 Leading Breeder


2012, 2013 & 2014  United States Equestrian Federation #2 Leading Breeder


2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015  United States Equestrian Federation #1 FRIESIAN SIRE  SJOERD


We have sold horses to Norway, Honduras, Canada, Belgium, Mexico, South Africa, New Zealand, Europe, China, France & throughout the USA including Hawaii. We hope to continue to bless people across the USA and Internationally through these magnificent creatures!



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Any foals which have already found their new homes are marked SOLD. Each year our foal crop is more exciting and we love to share them with you! These are NOT all of our foals born to us each year. When photos of our foals grown up become available we have replaced the young foal photos with updated photos of the foal so you can see how he/she has matured into a beautiful show, breeding, or pleasure horse.





TDR  Little Miz Perfect

(not for sale)




 TDR Little Miz Perfect - "Miz" is an EXCEPTIONALLY rare filly, so rare that she is the only purebred American Saddlebred known with her rare genetic make up: she is homozygous for the Cream gene (double dilute) and homozygous Tobiano pinto. All of her foals will be DOUBLE COLORED. The very best part is her QUALITY! Miz is extremely tall, with a very elegant long neck, pretty head, level top line, straight legs and a beautiful mover with an incredible disposition and wonderful personality.


TDR Little Miz Perfect - Photos taken 4-5-11 at 2 years old.







Dreaming Of Eldorado

2009 Buckskin America Saddlebred, Homozygous Pinto, Saddlebred Stallion


"Romeo's" dam, Just Dreamy is the 2008 4 time World Champion and 4 time Reserve World Champion in Halter and Saddle Seat! His dam is a multi-Champion on both the Saddlebred and Pinto circuits! We retained breedings to "Romeo" and we look forward to some spectacular foals out of him in the future. "Romeo" is DNA verified to be Homozygous Tobiano; Buckskin with a single cream gene; homozygous for black; and carrying only a single Agouti. Photo at 5 1/2 months old



 TDR  Tyan Stone

3/15/2009     Black     Purebred Arabian Stallion


Sire: TDR White Stone (exported)        Dam: TDR Obra Maestra


 Tyan is a black son of the champion exported beautiful Champion Black Arabian stallion TDR White Stone. He is DNA verified to be a true black!











TDR  Tiziano

(famous Italian painter)


4/2008     CHESTNUT        Purebred Arabian Gelding




 TDR Tiziano won Grand Champion Halter Gelding & First Place Halter Gelding in his first show on 9/19/2010! On 4-10-11 TDR Tiziano has taken 1st place Open SHIH Geldings and 3rd in SHIH, ATH in his second show.





TDR Tiziano (Kasper) is lovingly owned by Terri and they will be terrific trail partners in the future. Kasper is a Class A Halter Champion in his first show.  Photos taken at 2 years old. Kasper is now a Halter, Sport Horse In Hand and Sport Horse Under Saddle Champion!

















TDR The Miracle Man


1/2008     BAY, 3/4 Arabian/Quarter Horse, Gelding


Rafiki has an extensive show record in Hunter and Sport Horse, he is a Multi-Champion in multiple disciplines. We are extremely proud of his accomplishments and are so grateful for his wonderful, loving home.




CF Arabian Princess


***  Exported to Honduras  ***


2007     BLACK Straight Egyptian, Blue List, Al Khamsa, Purebred Arabian Mare


Sire:  TDR WHITE STONE (exported)          Dam:  AZALEA BINT EAGLET


 (exported by GrayWolf Farms of Honduras)







CF White Diamond


***  Exported to Honduras ***


2007   BLACK-BAY, Egyptian Related, Purebred Arabian, Homozygous Black Mare


Sire:  TDR WHITE STONE (exported)          Dam:  BST Gdiva


 (exported by GrayWolf Farms of Honduras)










CF Painted Dancer


***  Exported to Honduras ***


2007     Bay Tobiano Pinto, Purebred American Saddlebred Mare


 (exported by GrayWolf Farms of Honduras)










 TDR  Azabache

1/2007 BLACK Straight Egyptian Purebred Arabian Stallion


Sire: TDR White Stone (exported)              Dam: Anaza Dalima


 TDR Azabache is a Black Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa, Blue List Arabian stallion sired by the incredible Black Straight Egyptian Arabian stallion TDR White Stone.










TDR  Shadow Stone


Sire: TDR White Stone (exported)      Dam: De Novo Silk


DOB: May 2007     Dark Bay, 1/2 Arabian/Morgan, Colt


 Shadow Stone is a darling, dark, dark, black-bay, 2007 1/2 Arabian/Morgan (Morab) colt sired by the exported Champion Black Arabian stallion TDR White Stone and out of a Morgan mare.











TDR  Benedetto


4/2007     BLACK        1/2 Arabian/Friesian        COLT


 1/2 Arabian/Friesian also known as a Turbo Friesian or Arabo Friesian shown class A Sport Horse In Hand 2 & Under 1/2 Arabian Colts on 4/08 and he won with a score of 79.7.










TDR  KalieShah


3/2006    Bay Tobiano     3/4 Arabian     Filly



TDR Kalieshah is a Region 1 & Region 2 Multi-Champion in Halter. She is also a Multi-Class A Halter winner.   















6/2005     BAY        1/2 Arabian/Friesian       AHA# 1A358221


Issabella is a Turbo Friesian also known as an Arabo Friesian. Issabella recently took 2nd in Region One Sport Horse Under Saddle, she Won Training Level Test 3 with a 68.4%! She also took 2nd in Region Two Training Level Test 3 with a 68.9! TDR and her owner Denise are so proud of Issabella.














 Ramses Prince Amin

** EXPORTED to Thailand **

5/2004  BLACK Straight Egyptian Arabian Stallion

Pictured at 3 years with his full winter coat.








TDR  A Royal Eagle

(His registration was mistyped and he is registered as TOR A Royal Eagle)


** Exported to France **






MFAX Ameer El Jinaan



 2003 Purebred Arabian BLACK Stallion


 Prince is a Class A Halter, Western, and Dressage Multi-Champion! Photo at 3 years old below.






TDR Rana Ultima Nata

1/2 Arabian       Buckskin       2002 Mare


TDR Rana Ultima Nata (Ultima) is a special Buckskin mare. We bred, raised and owned this mare until we finally parted with her to her new perfect loving home. Ultima is a kind, gentle, sweet, wonderful and SMART mare who we have loved dearly ~ and she's a TON of fun!






TDR  Obra Maestra


AHA#577235      DOB: 1/8/2000       Chestnut Purebred Arabian Sabino Mare


We bred, raised and owned this incredibly beautiful mare for 10 years before her new perfect owner came along. Every foal of TDR Obra Maestra that we bred and sold, went on to become a champion, Class A, Regional, National and World Champions in Endurance, Dressage, Halter and Sport Horse. She now produces champion sport horses for her current owner.



















 (deceased) TDR  Rana Akina


AHA#581760      DOB: 02 April 1999       Bay Purebred Arabian Splash/Sabino Mare


 TDR Rana Akina is an exceptionally special, bay, Purebred Arabian mare, who is and always will be very near and dear to our hearts. She has been one of our BEST trail horses and a wonderful producing mare! She also has one blue eye which is very rare in a purebred Arabian.  







TDR Rana Akina being ridden bareback and in a halter and lead rope by my daughter through several obstacles on a very windy day while carrying a flag. Please excuse the quality of the video as it was taken with my cell phone. TDR Rana Akina had not been ridden in over 2 weeks prior to the video being taken. July 6, 2012



**STOLEN**   Phantoms First Song


1/2 Arabian   Bay/white Tobiano Pinto

National Show Horse   2001 Filly


ALL LOVERS OF HORSES BEWARE-BEWARE-BEWARE of this woman and her ranch!  This filly was stolen by Stephanie Wind of  Elizabeth, Colorado known as "Elements Arabians" previously known as "Windsong Sabino Arabians." PLEASE SEE THE LINKS BELOW and GOOGLE STEPHANIE WIND / ELEMENTS ARABIANS / WINDSONG SABINO ARABIANS before you ever consider doing any kind of business with this woman. She will steal your money, horses, and faith in good horse breeders.

Stephanie Wind has changed this mare's name numerous times to evade prosecution. This mare has a distinctive "heart" on her left hip and other identifying markings unique to her. I have her birth photos and I can identify her. Stephanie Wind frequently tried to market her as "unregistered" or "grade". Anyone purchasing her is buying stolen property. I HAVE the registration papers on this mare. She is NOT grade or unregistered! She has an excellent pedigree, her sire is a multi Champion.

Stephanie Wind did not just steal this filly but a total of THREE horses. We are not the first or the only people she has done this to. She sold ALL of the horses to unsuspecting people. Two of the people found me and I DID provide papers to them for those horses as it was not their fault that Stephanie sold them STOLEN horses. The horses are harmed by not having their papers when they are registered quality stock. I gave the new owners papers to do right by the horses. Stephanie and her terrible business ethics will eventually be destroyed by her own continued unethical behavior. Anyone desiring more information on Stephanie Wind of Elements Arabians who is an extremely dishonest horse breeder and truly a horse THIEF view the links below for more people she has caused great harm to. 

Stephanie Wind has attempted to state we did not own the mare at the time of foaling and did not have permission to breed the dam. Other times she claimed she "bought" the horses and I refused to give her papers on them afterwards. Yet another version she tells is she was in the middle of paying for them and stopped due to a "breach of contract" which did not exist.  NONE - NONE of her twisted versions of how she came to possess stolen horses are true.  AVOID all contact with Stephanie Wind and Elements Arabians. Google her and see the links below for numerous people with YEARS and YEARS of horrific history with her.  We have attempted to allow Stephanie Wind to resolve her bad business ethical practices with us however, she would rather continue with her lies and deceit not only to us but to many, many other honest, quality equine lovers who have been taken advantage of and devastated by Stephanie Wind.


FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ON STEPHANIE WIND - AKA Stephanie Wind McCray - AKA Windsong Sabino Arabians - AKA Elements Arabians: CAN READ MORE ABOUT HER HERE:  Multiple Rip Off Reports 






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Home of Multiple World and National Champion Horses


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International, world-wide frozen semen available on the incredible, beautiful, black Arabian stallion TDR WHITE STONE


TDR is the proud home to the 2011 United Sates Equestrian Federation HORSE OF THE YEAR ~  SJOERD




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