SJOERD is the 2011 United States Equestrian Federation Horse Of The Year


SJOERD is the 2013 EQUUS/USEF Inaugural Inductee Into The Horse Stars Hall Of Fame


Three Day Ranch has been Awarded:


2013 & 2014  United States Equestrian Federation #1 Leading Owner


2010, 2011 & 2012  United States Equestrian Federation #2 Leading Owner


2012, 2013 & 2014  United States Equestrian Federation #2 Leading Breeder


2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014  United States Equestrian Federation #1 FRIESIAN SIRE  SJOERD


We have sold horses to Norway, Honduras, Canada, Belgium, Mexico, South Africa, New Zealand, Europe, China, France & throughout the USA including Hawaii. We hope to continue to bless people across the USA and Internationally through these magnificent creatures!



Home of Multiple World and National Champion Horses


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We have puppies in 5 countries

We do ship puppies anywhere in the USA AND Internationally


For people looking to EXPORT a puppy or puppies outside of the USA:  We can recommend a couple of pet export services.







Registration & Microchip


We offer AKC REUNITE Microchipping on our puppies which INCLUDES lifetime enrollment with AKC REUNITE for your puppy for $65. NO monthly or yearly renewal fees will apply!




All of our dogs and puppies are raised in our home with us. The adult dogs are not kenneled outside or away from our home, they are an integral part of our family and daily life. They are all crate trained, house broke, well mannered citizens of our family that we love immensely.


NOTE: Many people are asking about reserving/holding puppies. In order for us to hold/reserve any puppy, you must put a minimum $350 non-refundable deposit or pay for the puppy in full. We do not reserve/hold puppies without receiving a deposit on the puppy. All deposits and funds paid on our puppies are NON-REFUNDABLE.




































































This is a Chocolate/Rust Min Pin male named Rupert enjoying his summer by going boating and swimming in the lake. He also knows TONS of tricks and is truly a gorgeous dog!





























I LOVE this photo of Rupert and his Mama!






























This is a Fawn/tan Min Pin male named Stunner enjoying his summertime by sunbathing in his pool. He is also a super good swimmer!
































This is a Chocolate/rust female Min Pin named Tidbit and her BFF Roxy a black/rust female.





























This is a Chocolate/rust male Min Pin named Chico.
























This is a Chocolate/tan male Min Pin male.




































This is Chip Jr. and her best friend who happens to be a pig. These two are incredibly adorable together! Chip Jr is a Chocolate/rust female. Chip Jr is also learning agility and she's doing very well!





































Maleah is Black/rust Min Pin female.



















Mason (on left) and his best friend Cooper (on right). Mason is a Kenya son.



Mason (lying down) and best friend Cooper (standing) hanging out in the sun.











Bailey is a clear red female Min Pin.












This is Asher a Black/rust male Min Pin.




















Zenzi is a Blue/tan Min Pin female.



























Our ear policy

PROPER and HUMANE ear cropping done by a licensed veterinarian and none of the ethical veterinarians will do it prior to 8 weeks of age. A proper ear crop can not only be beautiful, but it can be achieved with minimal pain and discomfort for your puppy with the advances in surgical techniques. No reputable or honorable vet will do the ears without anesthesia, nor will they do it on a puppy that is too little to survive anesthesia. Breeders offering puppies with cropped ears before 8 weeks of age have done an inhumane ear crop on their puppies without anesthesia, pain killers or antibiotics, so they can sell their puppies for more money with the ear crop already done. The ears are often misshapen, too short and cupped inward and not straight up as indicators they were done in an inappropriate manner as a very young puppy and not by a vet. DO NOT buy a puppy from a breeder who offers a Min Pin puppy with the ears already cropped at just a few weeks old. Most of our puppies ears will naturally stand on their own and if you want them cropped, we will happily refer you to a very good vet who does ears humanely and properly with outstanding shape and results. WE CAN ARRANGE FOR THE EAR CROPPING ON YOUR BEHALF BEFORE YOU TAKE YOUR PUPPY HOME. It is an additional $400 for the everything, ear crop, anesthesia, pain meds, antibiotics, sutures, suture removal, triple antibiotic ointment, and first taping (if needed, nearly none of our puppies need taping).


MPS VI (Mucopolysaccharidosis VI)

Our breeding dogs have been tested CLEAR of MPS VI. They are not affected nor are they carriers. Therefore, NONE of our puppies will have this genetic disease. Do NOT buy a puppy from a breeder who has not, or will not MPS VI test their breeding dogs and who allow this disease to continue unchecked in their breeding program. They are breeding and selling affected puppies subjecting new owners to heartbreak or disappointment. They sell potential breeding puppies who are carriers without informing the new owner that their puppy will be perpetuating a disease or make affected puppies who may die. Carrier puppies should be sold as pets and should be spayed or neutered by the new owners. New puppy owners need to be aware that their puppies who are affected or are carriers of this disease should not use their puppy for breeding. Avoid heart break - ONLY acquire a puppy from a breeder who MPS VI tests ALL of their dogs and who is willing to provide you with documentation that the puppy is clear of MPS VI via parentage. or call (215) 898-3375 for more information.








































Home of Multiple World and National Champion Horses


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Foals   *   Contact   *   Meet Us



International, world-wide frozen semen available to the exotic and beautiful black Arabian stallion TDR WHITE STONE


 TDR WHITE STONE is a one of a kind, Champion BLACK ARABIAN, Homozygous Black, Straight Egyptian & Al Khamsa Stallion


TDR is the proud home to the 2011 United Sates Equestrian Federation HORSE OF THE YEAR ~  SJOERD




Contact: Three Day Ranch   *   Xena Vimercati   *   951-551-5679   *   *   California


Jesus answered and said to them, "Destroy this temple (His body) and in three days I will raise it up." John 2:19


The Son of Man must be delivered into the hands of sinful men, & be crucified, & the third day rise again. Luke 24:7






Photographs on this website cannot be used without permission ~ Thank You

























































































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