SJOERD is the 2011 United States Equestrian Federation Horse Of The Year


SJOERD is the 2013 EQUUS/USEF Inaugural Inductee Into The Horse Stars Hall Of Fame


Three Day Ranch has been Awarded:


2013, 2014 & 2015  United States Equestrian Federation #1 Leading Owner


2010, 2011 & 2012  United States Equestrian Federation #2 Leading Owner


2015  United States Equestrian Federation #1 Leading Breeder


2012, 2013 & 2014  United States Equestrian Federation #2 Leading Breeder


2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015  United States Equestrian Federation #1 FRIESIAN SIRE  SJOERD


We have sold horses to Norway, Honduras, Canada, Belgium, Mexico, South Africa, New Zealand, Europe, China, France & throughout the USA including Hawaii. We hope to continue to bless people across the USA and Internationally through these magnificent creatures!



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Registered Name:   TDR White Stone
Breed:   Purebred Straight Egyptian Arabian, Al Khamsa, Blue List, Black Arabian Stallion
Registration:   AHA 614525; PtHA Listed Sire
DNA profile:   E/E - Homozygous Black; a/a - No Agouti; SCID & EVA Clear

Champion Arabian Reining; Class A wins; 3rd in Halter; Nationals qualified; USEF Horse Of the Year awards in 2006 & 2008


Arabian Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated Sire; International Arabians In Sport Association Nominated Sire; SHN Payback Nominated Sire

Pedigree Link:   TDR White Stone's  PEDIGREE
Foal Page Link:   TDR White Stone's  FOALS
Photo/Video Link:   TDR White Stone's  PHOTOS & VIDEO

Outstanding Frozen Semen Available


Contact us regarding our outstanding, easy to manage US & Internationally approved frozen semen.  ON SITE Breeding available. LIVE FOAL GUARANTEE!



TDR White Stone is siring Multi-Regional Champions as well as Halter, Sport Horse and Dressage Champions: TDR Sabriyah Stone, TDR Reflection Stone, TDR Reina De Piedra, TDR Black Stone and BP Caleesa+/ are just a few that are out winning in the show ring.


TDR Congratulates the TDR WHITE STONE daughter Caleesa+/ on her AHA LEGION OF HONOR Achievement award with points earned as a junior horse with a youth rider of 11 years old!





Click Here to read Arlene Magid's pedigree research report on TDR White Stone

TDR WHITE STONE contains NO Minstril or Thee Desperado blood he is a rare and exceptional Al Kahmsa, Straight Egyptian Stallion

He is a truly beautiful Champion Black Arabian stallion who sires exotic black athletic foals




TDR White Stone is CHAMPION HOMOZYGOUS BLACK ARABIAN STALLION and SIRE OF CHAMPION FOALS!  He is an International sire of significance! TDR White Stone is an incredibly gorgeous black Arabian stallion that is an amazingly exotic athlete. Not only is he exceptionally beautiful; he is extremely talented, intelligent and possesses the ability to pass it on to his foals.

TDR White Stone is the sire of many winners in Halter and Performance.

TDR White Stone has a gorgeous head, exotic look, intelligent, CORRECT, halter quality conformation. He has a huge hip, strong croup, short back, long sloping shoulder, with a well set long elegant neck. TDR White Stone is talented and he produces these qualities consistently! His foals are consistently typey, smart, friendly and outgoing, who just seem to know that they are of royal lineage. He can NEVER sire a chestnut.

TDR White Stone has a charismatic personality and a presence that will take your breath away. We challenge you to find another black, homozygous black, Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa, Blue List Arabian stallion containing no Minstril or Thee Desperado blood, who has been proven in the show ring in performance and halter by the age of 4, who has true size, bone, and a beautiful head coupled with extreme potency and outstanding breeding capabilities. He is also the ONLY Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa, black and Homozygous black champion Arabian stallion in Reining in the USA.


TDR White Stone has foals/frozen semen in 11 countries! USA (including Hawaii!), South Africa, Belgium, Canada, Europe, Honduras, Mexico, China, New Zealand, Australia & Norway.


E-mail us at: for breeding information with high quality frozen semen available world wide.


Click here to view Exotic and Beautiful TDR White Stone Foals




TDR White Stone's video expertly crafted by Horsefly Films. An amazing athlete with true, exceptional talent, extreme intelligence, combined with exotic Arabian beauty - and he is the only one in the world of his kind!
















14 year old Tynan riding TDR White Stone over some practice fences.




 TDR White Stone's Breeding Fee:







  Breedings are GUARANTEED LIVE FOAL and are via high quality frozen semen. Frozen semen available for use Internationally. On Site breeding available. 30 day live foal guarantee on our breedings. No chestnut foal guaranteed.


Our Reproductive Services are exclusively managed by Dr. William Swyers




For information on Straight Egyptian Arabian (SE) or Al Khamsa (AK), please click here to go to our SE/AK Information page.

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Home of Multiple World and National Champion Horses


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International, world-wide frozen semen available to the exotic and beautiful black Arabian stallion TDR WHITE STONE


 TDR WHITE STONE is a one of a kind, Champion BLACK ARABIAN, Homozygous Black, Straight Egyptian & Al Khamsa Stallion


TDR is the proud home to the 2011 United Sates Equestrian Federation HORSE OF THE YEAR ~  SJOERD




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